Web Links

Aguavá New Music Studio

Aguavá New Music Studio: The Bells of Leopardi by Yehuda Yannay

Arvo Pärt’s “Which was the Son of…”

Cds produced by Carmen-Helena Téllez for the Latin American Music Center

Cary Boyce’s homepage

Contemporary Performance Network

Don Freund’s Passion with Tropes

¡Unicamente la verdad! by Gabriela Ortiz, a presentation by Carmen-Helena Téllez

¡Unicamente la verdad!, part 2

Osvaldo Golijov’s Desde mi ventana, from Ainadamar

The Tracy M. Sonneborn Award

David Maki’s “December.”

John Eaton’ s “Inasmuch” with the New York Pocket Opera Players, Carmen-Helena Tellez, conductor

Contemporary Performance Network

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