Don Freund’s Passion with Tropes

PwT wideshot

Photo credit: Passion with Tropes wideshot by Margaret Dolinsky

May 20 and 21, Ruth N. Halls Theatre, Indiana University, Bloomington IN

In response to my request, Passion with Tropes was revised by Don Freund for immersive theater in 2010, in fact creating a new work of incredible power and immediacy out of his earlier impressive oratorio. The roster of collaborating artists was a dream team including Susanne Schwibs, Robert Shakespeare, Margaret Dolinsky, Elizabeth Shea, Paul Brunner, Ed Dambik, Jonathan Courtemanche and the Contemporary Vocal Ensemble at Indiana University. Some excerpts and the complete version can be found below

Don Freund’s Passion with Tropes (an introduction with interviews of Don and Carmen with some of the extraordinary collaborating artists on YouTube)

The Cry, a recurring refrain central to the message of Passion with Tropes and The Taunting Crowd

The Concert Extract of Passion with Tropes conducted with the IU New Music Ensemble on Nov 4. 2010

Digital Images and Video by Margaret Dolinsky and Susanne Schwibs, compiled by Margaret Dolinsky

Photos of the Singers, Actors and Dancers by Margaret Dolinsky

Wideshots by Margaret Dolinsky

An audio transcript of my lecture (in partnership with Margaret Dolinsky) of the preparation of Passion with Tropes for the Indiana University Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities

The complete immersive and interactive interdisciplinary version can be viewed here

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