Women and the arts- when will we tell the whole story?

In spite of the ongoing and ever-so-gradually disappearing patriarchy, there have been some tentative developments in the recognition of women in the arts.  We see more women conductors taking the helm of orchestras.  The Art Institute of Chicago is hanging more art by women, next to their male contemporaries.  And here, Artsy magazine gives us a summarized history of the influence of women in the arts as patronesses. Shall we look at the history of art, music included, as the history of the women that inspired, encouraged, nurtured, celebrated, supported, and paid for the work of the male artists we all revere? Written history forgets the support system of artists- wives, mothers, “muses”, models, (even males in supporting, “quasi-feminine” roles, like secretaries, managers, performers) as if the artist emerges alone, out of his own mind, and not with help of a society that surrounds him.  We are fortunate that things are so-gradually changing, even to the point of recognizing women artists now! Let’s take it all the way to recognizing women for their own merits in their own terms.


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