The re-birth of new opera

ipsa-dixist-soperA few days ago I tweeted that 10 years ago I argued with skeptic colleagues — as I pursued my own experiments — that interdisciplinary musical works were going to become mainstream. I think this time is here.  Sometimes I feel we are again in the 1600s, with the birth of opera, and the Baroque style, and a new way of organizing music. Some will argue that we have a rebirth of the ‘happenings” of the 60s and 70s–but I venture to say that this is a more a wave  gradually permeating it all, rather than a laboratory of thinkers aiming to wake  the rest of us up.  After a lot of discussion on the future of art music, I read glowing press commentaries about new works that would match the description of “an innovative interdisciplinary work” or “new opera”.  I list here the admiring review by Alex Ross of Kate Soper’s new “theatre piece” Ipsa Dixit.  Is it an opera?  Is it an essay in philosophy or aesthetics set to music? Is it melodrama? Is it a technique of composition tested through the permutations of another discipline? There are many possibilities in the intersection of different arts and the humanities, offering potentially infinite variations to the creators of our time.  A fragment of Ipsa dixit can be viewed on YouTube and on Vimeo. Perhaps it is time to include the interdisciplinary mode of expression in the training of today’s musicians.

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  1. Felicitaciones Carmen Helena! El arte y la creaciòn son infinitos, no aceptan barreras y se estàn renovando constantemente. Adelante pues, el camino està abierto y los retos nos esperan a cada paso….

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