Wonderful memories of wonderful music

The Americas Society of New York City has just posted three videos of the extraordinary composition by Gabriela Ortiz, Baalkah, for soprano and string quartet. The performance was part of a concert I curated as Director of the Latin American Music Center at Indiana University, for the Americas Society Concert Series directed by Sebastián Zubieta.  Baalkah will be heard again tomorrow July 8  at the REDCAT in Los Angeles, as part of the LA International New Music Festival. The probing music theorist Marianne Kielian-Gilbert will discuss Baalkah next July 17 at King’s College in Cambridge, in her paper  “Doing things with music:  Disturbing identity, multiplying connections, performing,”  for the 5th Annual Conference of the Royal Musical Association Music and Philosophy Study Group in collaboration with the Music and Philosophy Study Group of the American Musicological Society and De Musica – Laboratório de Estética e Filosofia da Música (Brasil)

It is a great month for Baalkah!

Here are the videos, with fantastic performances by Sharon Harms, Madalyn Parnas, Tim Kantor, Rose Wollman and Cicely Parnas.

Part 1 Movs. I and II

Part 2 Mpvs. III and IV

Part 3 Mov. V

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