¡Unicamente la verdad! has had tremendous reception this year!

ULV espinosa entrevista

Gabriela Ortiz, the composer of ¡Unicamente la verdad! has sent us the fantastic review written by Opera News after its California premiere with the adventurous Andreas Mitisek and Long Beach Opera, with the new title Camelia la tejana: Only the Truth!.  I invite you to revisit the notes on the conceptualization and premiere in 2008 at Indiana University of ULV, more than an opera, a work of interdisciplinary art. It is wonderful to see the different directorial approaches, one sardonic and zany, the other tragic and ritualistic.

ULV entrevista 3

(Photo Captions: On top-The interview of Camelia la Tejana by César Güemes in the production of ULV of Mexican director Mario Espinosa. At the bottom, the same scene in the concept by video artist Rubén Ortiz and Ecuadorean director Chía Patiño)

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