The reviews of PASSION with Tropes are as variegated as the work itself

passion1Composer Jeremy Podgursky has just published his review of Don Freund’s PASSION with Tropes in the excellent online journal His full account and considered opinion teach us how an interdisciplinary presentation of a musical work originally conceived for concert oratorio format may provoke surprising revelations about the work itself.  The layers multiply beyond the performance through the reception and critique of viewers. Podgursky’s impression of PASSION was affected by his experience of important films by Fellini and Godard. This provides an alternative dimension to the perceptions of composer Cary Boyce, who described his experience of being overwhelmed by the fluid and fractured narrative as the expressive point of it all.  Consider as well the focal choices made by photographers who attended the evening. You may enjoy the pictures of a rehearsal compiled by flutist and Jacobs School of Music Marketing Director Alain Barker, and a beautiful album posted by photographer, harpsichordist and early music scholar Bernard Gordillo

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