Balance of elements in a multimedia presentation

Multimedia interdisciplinary presentations are becoming the norm. However, the large spectacles at the Metropolitan Opera or at Cirque du Soleil, fascinating as they are, should not be considered the superlative standard or the only model for interdisciplinary presentations.

A new article by Pia Catton published in The Wall Street Journal on a recent presentation by the multidisciplinary troupe Ex Machina of The Nightingale and Other Short Fables discusses the possibility of limitations in perception, preventing us to absorb more than a limited number of coexisting artistic narratives. In my opinion, the problem may be one of artistic organicity, arising especially whenever many artists are collaborating at once, but a challenge nonetheless even under the vision of a single director.

For the moment, I leave you with the article and with the interesting pages of  Le Projet Ex Machina:

Read more: How Much Innovation Is Too Much? (Wall Street Journal)

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