An unlikely homage to Ludwig van Beethoven by Mauricio Kagel

I include here a fragment of the iconic film Ludwig van by Mauricio Kagel,  the avant-garde Argentinian composer based in Germany, who passed away in 2008. Created in 1969-70, we certainly can admire it even more in our ironic post-modern times. It is interesting that in spite of its ostensibly outrageous treatment of the great composer, this excerpt has been liked by virtually everyone who has seen it (or at least, by everyone who chose to document a reaction on YouTube).  It has multi-layered perspectives, not so much about Beethoven, but about our relationship with his significance in Western culture. It is humorous and paradoxical.

Perhaps its most delightful aspect is that Kagel’s reworkings of Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata achieve unexpected poignancy.  I always wish to see and hear this excerpt again…Enjoy!

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